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Ketovangelist podcast: Insulin from a new angle

I recently chatted with Brian Williamson from the Ketovangelist team.

Catherine at LCB18

Here is a link to the podcast. 

2 comments on “Ketovangelist podcast: Insulin from a new angle

  1. eagleeye33
    September 12, 2018

    You mentioned Keto not for everyone.. how does one know? Been keto a year… FBG initially went down to normal levels. But now I appear to have physiological Insulin Resistance as FBG is above normal again. A1c is at 5.0. I have been skipping breakfast and working out fasted. Not sure I’m doing the right thing. Will this ever go away? Had fasting insulin tested to get Homa-IR and thought it was good. But, listening to this podcast. I’m concerned. Triglycerides and HDL both around 68. All other blood work good. I feel good except mornings I can tell glucose high. Dry mouth.


    • pharmacistcatherine
      September 14, 2018

      Some people cannot tolerate keto and high fat diets for many reasons – socially, culturally, or for specific health reasons. Keto will cause physiological insulin resistance due to the lowered blood glucose and lowered muscle glucogen. Keto will also lower insulin release. When insulin is suppressed, glucagon levels may go up (one job of insulin is to keep glucagon in check). The main role of glucagon is to cause blood glucose levels to rise. Many people with diabetes (both type 1 and 2) have elevated glucagon levels. We don’t know yet about the effects of the keto diet on glucagon levels and whether this becomes a risk to long-term health. Currently, we believe that if A1c and trigs are low and HDL is high, then people are on track for reasonable health.


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