Lifestyle Before Medication

A pharmacist's perspective on health and metabolic disease

Sleep and insulin resistance

Sleeping badly for any reason is well-known to cause or aggravate poor health.   This is one reason why shift workers can often be at higher risk of metabolic disease.

In our newly published paper, we explore the mechanisms that link poor sleep to metabolic disease and why sleep quality may be more important than quantity.

We also explore the links between metabolic disease and sleep apnoea and discuss the use of an experimental 2nd generation CPAP device called Rest-Activity-Cycler positive airways pressure (RACer-PAP) under development by David White at the BioDesign Lab, Auckland University of Technology.


If you were at Low Carb Breckenridge, you may have had the chance to see the RACer, or as Jeff did – try it out!



RACer is still an experimental device and not yet commercially available.  We need to do more research and have a funding application in at the moment, but our paper discusses the science behind the device!

(Typing is still hard for me following my recent surgery, so let me know if I need to blog more about this and I will do it as soon as I can.  I promise to give an update about Low carb Breckenridge as well.)


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