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No ‘I’ in sex

Many years ago I had a traumatised young woman as a patient who had suffered a sexual assault because she was too scared to say no to the young man she had just met at the party.   All ended as well as it could and I am pleased to say that justice was served.

Sexual consent (or lack of, or how to obtain) seems to be a hot topic either on mainstream or social media.  I’m not sure if the culture in NZ (and around the world) around consent is getting better or worse, or if we are just happier to talk about the issues.

The Engineer showed me this cartoon today, and maybe, this is one way of starting to solve the issue.   Let’s start the understanding that there is no “I” in sex when you want a relationship with another person.  And it’s not just the teenage boys that need to know this information.  These days many teenage girls seem to have the attitude that being “prey” is normal.

We need to talk more about healthy relationships – including the short-term ones.

Many western societies have come along way with the acceptance that sexual relationships occur outside of marriage, but there are times that I think we still have to work on the acceptance that women are not property and not inferior.

No I in sex


Some of the images may not be suitable for work, so click on this link and get taken to the full webpage.    Maybe it could be used as an icebreaker for discussions on relationships and sex.  And maybe if this cartoon gets shared and accepted, then fewer people will be assaulted.

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