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Health Stories Round-up

Here is a round-up of some of the interesting health stories I have found recently in a number of internet magazines.


Is there a health benefit to riding a roller coaster?  If you are someone who suffers from kidney stones, then this article is for you.  (And will this lead to prescribing a personalised “roller coaster ride” in the future?


We have grown used to a world with good health care and easy access to antibiotics.  (Sometimes the access is too easy).  But what is it like in a country where these things, that many of us take for granted,  are not available?  “Venezuelan child nearly dies from a scraped knee


We know we need to have sufficient sunlight, but it, too me, still unclear, whether it is just the effects of the vitamin D (which is made in your skin from cholesterol after being exposed to sunlight, or taken as a supplement) or whether there are other effects of sunlight that we haven’t yet learned about.    Either way, helping to prevent dementia is another reason why vitamin D (and cholesterol, and sunlight) are important.

Have you read something interestingly lately about health?  Let me know.

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