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Watch this space….

I received some exciting news this morning when I found out that a paper from my thesis that I co-authored with Dr J.R. Kraft* has been accepted for publication by the journal Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice.

This paper examined the data collected from Dr Kraft’s extensive database and is the first time that hyperinsulinaemia patterns have been examined with respect to BMI but also just in a cohort of people with normal glucose tolerance.

The value of Dr Kraft’s database is in the process of being recognised.  While we have to admit that using data that is 40 years old may not be relevant to the more modern society, hopefully it will pave the way for more research funding.

Hopefully we can get the paper into print soon…..

(Maybe someday, the *Wow* factor of having a paper accepted will wear off, but this  paper was extra exciting as it has been in the review process for about a year and now that it is accepted, I can get the next paper into its publication journey.)


*Also my amazing supervisors, Grant Schofield, Caryn Zinn and Mark Wheldon


5 comments on “Watch this space….

  1. Stuart Richer
    June 15, 2016

    Congratulations. When are we going to have reliable insulin saliva rest strips for home use ?


    • pharmacistcatherine
      June 16, 2016

      Good question. I’ve only looked at blood insulin levels, so don’t know how they relate to salivary levels. I’d still love a home use insulin test!


  2. Roger
    June 19, 2016

    Congrats! Could you explain the inflammatory pathway of hyperinsulinemia leading to CVD?


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