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The Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread man illustrates some of the many diseases might be caused or aggravated by hyperinsulinaemia.  Alarming isn’t it?

High levels of insulin affect all of the blood vessels from the large arteries (helps with depositing lipids) to the tiny capillaries (inflammation to the capillary lining and doesn’t stop the formation of tiny blood clots).  This means that hyperinsulinaemia increases the risk of any disease of the blood vessels, from blindness caused by damage to the retinas, to vascular dementia and strokes, heart disease, even erectile dysfunction.

(The science behind this image can be found in my previous post . )

Gingerbread man - caryn's version

But why a Gingerbread man?

About three years ago, I researched this extensively and was alarmed by what I found.   While trying to see if I had everything, The Engineer suggested I sketched a man and added the diseases to give me a visual clue.    I showed the first sketch to a colleague to find out if I had missed any condition, and her first question was:

“Why have you drawn a Gingerbread man?”

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a lousy artist, but I hadn’t realised I was THAT bad.   Many thanks to Caryn Zinn for taking my “Gingerbread man” and turning him into the real thing.

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