Lifestyle Before Medication

A pharmacist's perspective on health and metabolic disease

About Me

I’m a New Zealand community-based clinical pharmacist who firmly believes in using the lowest dose of the least number of medications to treat disease. After 17 years of practice I feel more like a “disease management specialist” than a health professional.

These days I seem to be telling younger and younger people that they will be on medication for the rest of their lives for metabolic conditions like high blood pressure, gout, cholesterol or diabetes. No-one ever likes taking the pills, but the alternative is worse.

If you have metabolic disease, especially diabetes, you are more likely to die early for heart disease or develop other conditions like cancer or dementia. As a health professional, I see disease prevention being at least as important as disease management.

I’m currently researching high levels of insulin as being a potential cause for all types of metabolic diseases and what we can do to both prevent and manage the conditions.

Once my PhD is completed, My husband (“The Engineer”) and I look forward to getting back out kayaking and doing some more mountain biking.  Auckland is a great place to be on the water or in the local forests.

I’d like to you give you tools to help you reduce your need for medication.    Read on and feel free to ask me questions


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